Parabug is a cheerful Psychic/Bug-type Pokemon. It uses its' powers to make humans and Pokemon dance uncontrollably.


Parabug has two red eyes, an orange skin, its' claws is similar to a crabs' claws, five yellow circles on its' belly and its' wings.


A Parabug was seen on Valencia Island, Professor Ivy finds one in her lab. Professor Ivy then becomes hypnotize by its' dance as she gets tired. Parabug was playing with Celebi and Bellossom and made them dance too. May and Max was hypnotized by Parabug's dance. Prima was also placed under the spell of Parabug's dance as well as Casey, Officer Jenny, and Professor Juniper.
Pokemon dance

Parabug places Celebi and Bellossom under a dance trance.

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