ryuzaki(real name:keirain) is a brittish detective who solves cases that he is interestid in or that will lead him closer to team shadow. he is 15 with red hair and blue eyes. .


as a child, he was abandoned at the wammi's house orphanige were he was raised by a man named quillish wammi allong with other orphans. one day while he was playing chess, he was knocked unconious. when he awoke, he was in the team shadow headquarters. team shadow had intended to create the ulimet life form, and were trying to find a host. so they hd little kids fight to the death. keirain was partnerd up with a girl named samantha autobee. they were hideing so that they would not have to kill anyone and they taught themselves the way of stealth and bacicly became thives to survive. eventually, keirain found huntr in a reserch lab that he was hideing in. then keirain and samantha escape the "battleground" and finds the leader of team shadow, Lunatic. he shoots sam as soon as she walks into the room. he then proceeds to shoot ryu, but finds that he was wearing a bullet proof vest. he then calls out huntr and gives him a dusk stone. huntr evolves into an umbreon and sends lunatic crashing out a window to his doom. keirain then rushes sam to a hospital and leaves her there. he later finds lunatic sprawled out on the ground. his head turns compleatly around revealing his hidiously scared face. lunatic starts to laugh maniacly while psy-clops proceeds to snap his neck.


he has 4 pokemons that he found while on cases. his first pokemon is


200px-Ryuzaki Hunter Adventures copy

huntr, ryuzakis umbreon.

Hunter is ryuzakis eevee that is now an espeon. it was origionally his friend Hunter, who was kidnapped by team shadow and expeiramented on!!! keirain caught Hunter in an L ball. Hunter is a dark type


diji is ryuzakis digiskull. it was an atemped to create an legendary pokemon by team shadow.
Digiskullback copy

diji's back

they tried to breed a duskull and a porygon, but what they got was a virus that crashed there system and killed the scientists. keirain caught it with a magnet ball. digi is a normal type/???type(glitch type)



the five forms of missing no.

keirain caught the ledgendary missingNO. on a mission to rescue victini. he arrived too late, but just in time to see missingNO decapitate victini in its kabutops form. he caught it with a dark ball. missingNO. is a normal/???type.


ryuzaki's dusclops. this one is a ghost/psychic type.