This battle field gives advantages to seven different kinds of types of Pokemon. It changes types and surroundings making it harder for certain Pokemon.
Pokemon 1

This is the stadium's beginning point. As the battle starts, the battlefield will change.

Electric FieldEdit

Windmills show up, creating electrical power.A small house with antenna zapping electricity everywhere.If an electric type gets hit by the zaps it's power is boosted.

Water FieldEdit

Everything sinks because of a flood.This gives advantages to water Pokemon, because they can swim right throught it.Every now and then a small flood will come.

Grass FieldEdit

A garden-like field comes that's filled with flowers, grass, and other plants.This gives advantages to Grass, Poison, and Bug Pokemon.It gives them things such as trees to hide in. There are also occasional berries that grow.

Fire FieldEdit

A giant volcano sprouts and erupts regular fire.This higly boosts fire type Pokemon.And a definite disadvantage of Grass type due to the volcano.

Flying FieldEdit

High winds come now and then in the air field. The wind is unpredictable. It has clouds in the sky making it hard to see for any of the pokemon in the air and the pokemon not in the air won't be able to see the ones in the sky. It is a tower high in the air.

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