Tower Of Souls is where people go to mourn their dead pokemon. It is also where you meet your father for the first time. Garvy can also be fought here. There are no wild pokemon here.


First Floor

Rival Garvy[If Fennekin is chosen]

L32 Grimer

L32 Raticate

L32 Dewott

L32 Pancham

Rival Garvy[If Oshawott is chosen]

L32 Hawlucha

L32 Machoke


L32 Dodrio

Rival Gary[If Snivy is chosen]

L32 Shedinja

L32 Deino

L32 Pignite

L32 Metang

Thug Roarke

L32 Pangoro

L32 Deino

L32 Sharpedo

Ace Trainer Shania

L34 Klink

L34 Bellossom

L34 Carbink

Youngster Mitt

L32 Raticate

L32 Meditite

L32 Fearow

Bug Catcher Albert

L32 Vivillion

Bug Catcher Dano

L33 Dustox

PokeFan Arthur

L23 Caterpie

L28 Metapod

L33 Butterfree

PokeFan Georgia

L23 Weedle

L28 Kakuna

L33 Beedrill

Battle Girl Monique

L30 Meditite

L30 Hitmonchan

Black Belt Nob

L31 Pancham

L31 Hitmonlee

Black Belt Eiji

L31 Hitmontop

L31 Sawk

Thug Reina

L34 Throh

L34 Haunter

Thug Simone

L35 Trubbish

L35 Weezing

Thug Couple Patrick and Sandy

L36 Pawniard

L36 Crawdaunt

Ace Trainer Robbie

L35 Stoutland

L35 Talonflame

2nd Floor


PokeFan Israel

L39 Pikachu

L39 Raichu

Schoolboy Alan

L36 Mantine

L36 Granbull

L36 Binacle

Schoolgirl Ronda

L38 Litwick

Beauty Riley

L35 Furret

Backpacker Shogo

L34 Raticate

Backpacker Ivelisse

L36 Garbodor

Thug Brock

L34 Sawsbuck

L34 Watchog

L34 Diggersby

Thug Couple Zeus and Xanthia

L38 Malamar

L40 Weezing

Thug Nina

L38 Krokorok

L38 Sandslash

Thug Heihachi

L40 Blastoise

Thug Michelle

L37 Nuzleaf

L37 Shiftry

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